What a load of Bubbles!

When there was still snow on the ground, the ladies and I went to check out Bubbledogs (http://www.bubbledogs.co.uk/). We were greeted by a smiley and chirpy ‘HELLO!’ followed by ‘yeah, there’s a two hour wait…’.  Four months later, we finally got a table (you can only book in advance if you’re a table of 6+). Hurrah! Was it worth the wait? Well, to be honest – it doesn’t matter what us girls get up to, we’ll always have a good time. I’m blessed to have such fabulous friends. Smiley face. And yeah, the joint was pretty cool. You’ll appreciate it if you can handle a side of ‘trendy’ with a dashing of ‘pretentious’. Propped up against a bench-table on our high stools, practically back-to-back with the table behind (our backs got pretty intimate actually), we awaited our £8 hotdogs with eager anticipation. As far as the food goes, the sweet potato chips and ‘tots’ (aka roast potatoes for those of us who don’t speak “Hip”) were bloody awesome. Good job too because we needed to stuff our faces after the rather pathetic pooches left us hungry… I could go so far as to say ‘ravenous’ but I won’t… oh wait, I have. Considering the place is all about bubbles and dogs, the dogs were a let-down. You’d get a better quality sausage ’n bap off the back of one of those grubby little vans that float around at festivals. And you’d save a fair few pennies too. Saying that, you’re paying for the experience – and it is a stylish place. As one of the girls commented; it kinda feels like your sitting somewhere in New York. Always a good thing. The toilet walls are plastered with menus from various London establishments… and I found myself looking at the walls with longing, pining for the À la carte options. The lavatory décor is the ultimate tease; ‘look, here’s what you could be eating…’. Moving on, the bubbles were the Boll – I mean, ah hem, yeah the fizz is sweet. And the waiters are charming, flirtatious and fond of innuendo. In fact, I think one took a special shining to one of our crew… he topped my beautiful friend’s glass up with a delicate grace and a wink. Cheeky monkey. All in all, a fab night out. Would I go again? Probs not. Pleased I went? Yup indeedy.


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