Parisian Castle Rave

This weekend, my alter-ego – namely “nu-Lolita” – and two Morphs hopped onto the Eurostar to Paris to celebrate our friend’s 30th. We met Adrien on our travels years ago: the Morphs met him in Croatia, and I joined the Crazy-Express the following year when we all raved it up in Berlin. And there a kinship like no other blossomed – and four years later, we received an extravagant invite to a profligate party.  And boy, what a party! A weekender spent in a castle in a Parisian suburb ( Nothing less. The boy is the essence of style. Now onto the theme: Disproportion / Excessiveness / Craziness. The inspiration: Leigh Bowery ( Well, let’s just say we all hit the button… with a sledgehammer. About ninety people rocked up – each as voluminous, inventive and grand as the next. Alongside teddy-bears and transvestites, there were Na’vi (Avatar) and tigers… Cousin It even made an appearance. The various fridges brimmed with booze, and the cupboards bulged with staples like Nutella and brioche… there were musicians, singers, theatrical acts and DJs to entertain the masses… and exquisite chateau grounds, perfect for a picnic.  I mean, what more could you ask for? It’s a party I’ll never forget. Here are some cheeky snapshots for thee:









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