I heart meat. I dig liquor. So a night out with the girls at MEATLiquor was  my version of paradise on a plate / heaven in a glass. While we waited for a table at the bar, we ordered Time of the Month (one of the pre-meal beverages, not a murderous mental state) and a Donkey Punch (my cocktail… behave). Despite the names, pretty delish. Then it was time for a bottle of Argentinian Malbec. I’m not a wine connoisseur but I do like those South American wines. Yummy. Before I move onto the main event, I should comment on the décor. Without sounding vile and putting you off, dear readers, the venue is like an artist’s impression of where the inside of a cow meets Sweeny Todd’s butcher shop. Clear but blood-spattered plastic dividers hang over the stairway as make-shift curtains. Dexter would be in his element. Images of wayward wolves leer down on you from the ceiling, reminding diners below that they’re all predators with undeniable carnivorous urges (except veggies, who’d be the prey, and clearly don’t belong in such an establishment – this really is no place for those who fear flesh).


As for the food; dirty and delicious. Just the way I like it. Our grubby mits grabbed the meaty goodness from the tray (you don’t get a plate) and our gluttonous faces got a glorious greasing. (God I’m an alliteration whore).


Marks out of 10? Nine and a half. It would get that extra cheeky demi-point if the slab of meat was a wee bit thicker. But not bad, eh? A great place to MEAT up with friends. Boom.

Final thought:



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