Day Five in Hong Kong

Last day. Sad face.

We bid Che Ha village farewell as we pulled out of the drive and turned the car in the direction of Tai Po ( Without deviating too far from the point of this post; it’s worth noting that Tina’s dad is the Yoda of Parking. There isn’t much space in Hong Kong and this parking area allowed for about half inch either side of the wing mirrors. Good job I wasn’t driving: there would have been tears. And costly insurance claims. 

I failed to really take in the sites of Tai Po. My mind was in one place: my belly. We headed along Kwong Fuk Road towards [INSERT RESTAURANT HERE… sorry but it’s all in Chinese], and turned into a multi-story Yum Cha restaurant. Despite trawling Google maps, I can’t remember much about it, except it had “Great” in the title (translated for me) and a big green neon sign out front. We ate lots of mega-delicious dumplings but I couldn’t really tell you what was inside them. Most of the food we ate was white:


With a splash of green:


And then the fish and rice arrived (by this point, it was 10.30am – delicate tummies are not suitable in Hong Kong).


Some breakfast, eh? Now all I get is Fruit ‘n Fibre and a crumpet if I’m lucky.

Once we had gorged ourselves fifty shades of stuffed, it was time to bus it towards Mong Kok ( We had been warned to take particular care here, as per the following quotes:

“Do not take anything valuable.”

“Do not take anything you’d be upset about being stolen.”

“Only open your bag if you absolutely have to.”

“If anyone touches you, elbow them.”

“Don’t look anyone in the eye.”

“Keep your head down and walk fast.”

“Pretend you know where you are.”

“If you get the chance, dye your hair.”

“Try not to look foreign.”

Ok, a couple of those were made up… but generally, they put the fear of god into us. As it turns out, we didn’t get robbed or massacred. Hurrah. But apparently you need to watch yourself in the backstreets of Mong Kok, so I’m just passing on that advice.

There we found Ladies Market ( Stall after stall of… well, I’ll be honest… shite and touristy tack. Ah well, I got to buy a fridge magnet and a Homer Simpson USB stick – what else do you need?


Oh by the way. It was raining. Cats and dogs. The sticky market air clogged every pore and precipitation and perspiration leaked from every orifice. Nice.

Then we went on the walk that never ended and eventually found the Avenue of Stars. It’s doubtful you’ll recognize any of these “stars”, except maybe yours truly:


Totally shattered, we caught the Star Ferry back for a mere 20p ( You’ve gotta love HK public transport. Cheap and cheerful. And check out the views:


I don’t want to go into detail about the last few hours because I’ll get myself upset. Let’s just say there was curry, wine, followed by goodbyes and tears.

Final thought:

Hong Kong is an electric city. It’s vibrant, colourful and magical. There is a fascinating array of things to do, see and explore. Despite the 6,000 mile distance, you’ll feel strangely at home. A wonderful place and I’ll be back again one day soon. 

A big ‘thank you’ to Tina and Selina for such an amazing travel experience. Yum Cha! Cheers! 



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