Burger and Lobster

First things first: if you go to this restaurant, do not get the burger. Get the lobster. #ThatIsAll.

But it isn’t. All. Here’s more… 

So my bestie and I tried out the new city branch of Burger and Lobster (http://www.burgerandlobster.com/). It’s another ‘trendy’ eatery, aka no booking system; just turn up as early as possible and hope you get a table before you pass out. We only had to wait 20 minutes (we arrived around 6.30pm) and both the barman and wine were pleasant so this made for a good start. 

You get two options. Guess what they are? Yup. Burger. Or. Lobster. Simples. You pay £20 for a standard meal so we went for the lobster (of course!).

Here’s a pic of Larry & Lawrence post-grill:


Ok, now I feel bad & am plagued by guilt monkeys. 

Over it.

Right, so yeah – pretty damn good. We went for grilled lobster (which is the popular option) but you can go for boiled if you like your lobster a bit fishier – apparently it tastes more like the sea that way. The beasts are served with chips and a mega lush salad… and a dippy thing (garlic butter, I think, but not entirely sure). 

Our waiter was an absolute darling and the atmosphere was pretty cool. I’d definitely recommend this place. 

WARNING: if you’ve never eaten lobster before, patience is required. I nearly stabbed myself on several occasions. The table was a battleground. The lobster won.  


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