The New Wave – The Old Market, Brighton

(For the Public Review)


Four tour de forces have crash-landed in Brighton after doing the rounds in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe. As part of the Brighton Comedy Festival, The Invisible Dot presents The New Wave, featuring Jamie Demetriou, Claudia O’Doherty, Liam Williams & Adam Hess.

Hess opens the show with an energetic – and yet somewhat apologetic – bang. Poor Adam is eaten up about a break up. Lucy, whom he fondly dubs “Lucifer”, has dumped him by text and his act is primarily centred on the injustice of it all. Saying that, the bit that stuck out for me was Hess’s impression of a German (who had just demolished twelve apples), on a plane, watching The Sixth Sense, and his reaction when he gets to the twist at the end of the film. Brilliant.

Next up we have Claudia O’Doherty who has been commissioned by the National Chair Association to… well… talk about chairs. This may sound odd. And yes, it is very strange indeed. However, she is probably the best ambassador for a chair that you will ever come across. O’Doherty practically bounces off the walls (and the chair) and her insane energy levels are infectious and unsettling. One could imagine she’s on a colourful concoction of amphetamines. Despite being totally ridiculous, she offers a clever and intelligent set, with ‘unique’ being the only word that can be used to describe her set.

Moving from one potentially intoxicated artist to the next, the third comedian is Jamie Demetriou and his nerve-jangling portrayal of “Michael”. Through a series of enforced audience-interactions, the audience witnesses Demetriou and his front-row victim play Musical Chairs and Chinese Whispers. It’s all very random and disconcerting. A bit like the audience is watching a breakdown.

Liam Williams closes the show – an endearing comic genius with a deeply dry outlook on the mundanity of life. This wondrous wit made for laugh out loud on several occasions. Of particular note is Williams’ take on mental disorders. He contemplates suicide in the same way he considers going for a jog every day… he’s just not going to get round to it. Likewise his post-coital epiphanies and alterative dating suggestions are certainly memorable!

All in all, The New Wave offers something different and if you check these comics out, you’ll certainly had a good night out – you’ll smile, chuckle and perhaps even let out an occasional ‘LOL’. Or you might run away and hide.


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