MEATLiquor – Brighton

Since I’ve already covered MEATLiquor, London – – I figured I should give Brighton’s version a bash.

First up? Liquor. Two of us had the Pink Flamengo, and the braver of our trio opted for Game Over. And the latter pretty much did what it said on the tankard.

Here’s the menu (page 2 for meat, page 4 for cocktails).

Next up? Grub. And yep, the menu is pretty much identical to the capital’s counterpart. One Cheeseburger, one Buffalo Chicken Burger, and one Mushroom Cheesesteak, please. We shared a couple of portions of Fries and tucked into to a tray of Buffalo Wings, while we smothered our faces in meaty goodness.


I know the clue’s in the name but if you’re a vegetarian (I know there are a few of you in Brighton), you’ll have one only option. The Halloumi & Mushroom Burger. If you’re a pescapallion, you’ll have two to choose from – H&M Burger or the Fish Sandwich. Needless to say, it’s not Veggie-friendly.

We’re not animals, I assure you, but there is no sophisticated way of eating at MEATLiquor. The food is served on trays. You don’t get cutlery. And grease will end up everywhere; perhaps in your ear holes but all over your mouth at the very least. It’s messy. But don’t worry; you get a whole kitchen roll. And you’ll need it.


Brighton’s MEAT is – in a word – “trippy”. The LDN ML is like popping into Sweeney Todd’s for tea… but the south coastal version is much more psychedelic and, from what I’ve learned from observing Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a bit like an acid trip. Some of you may have to eat in cages. For those afraid of clowns, caution is advised. The rest of you may end up propped up on stools, crammed onto a table that’s way too small and way too high for comfort… but who cares because it’s trendy and hip!


A cocktail & a main meal (you won’t be hungry afterwards) will cost you around £20. Yes, you could get the same burger from one of those vans that await on those dank & dark clubbing corners (come on, we’ve all been there) – but again, the price accounts for the cool factor. Yes, it is a bit gimmicky, as are all these pop-up-no-you-can’t-book-in-advance restaurants… but it’ll make for a fun night out if you can cope with a dollop of pretentious on the side of your meat.


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