Day Three in Vancouver, Canada

The sound of seagulls and torrential rain shook us from our slumber. We decided to be gentle on ourselves (and on our hangovers), so we spent the best part of the day in the Stanley Park aquarium. We saw jellyfish, penguins, otters, whales, frogs, snakes, monkeys, dolphins, sea cucumbers and a sh*t load of fish. I’d recommend catching the Beluga Whale show… and check out the Dolphins in action too.

Here are some snaps:








It’s a great place to visit – rain or shine. Take warm clothes though because you need to be outside to catch the best view of the shows and, if you plan on eating, the cafe is outside.

In the evening, we each had Five Guys. For dinner, I mean! It’s a fast-food, kinda pop-up style restaurant that serves the best burgers in the history of burgers. You can order as many free toppings as you like. Naturally, I ordered all of them… which turned the whole thing into a meaty pile of sludge, so I wouldn’t go overboard if I were you. One ridiculous topping at a time.





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