Day Six in Vancouver, Canada

We signed up to the Granville Island Market and Brewery Tour and made our way to our hostels sister, HI-Downtown, for 11.45am (only a 5/10 minute walk). Our tour guide chaperoned a group of 14 or so excitable tourists to the Aquatic Centre ferry port. A return on the False Creek ferry costs $4. And when I say ‘ferry’, it’s not a ferry as you’d know it. It’s a teeny tiny dinky little boat. A great way to travel across the creek! If you fancy going further afield, then you can pay the difference and do so at your leisure. Image Image “An eclectic array of artists, buskers, green grocers, casual eateries, craft vendors, ethnic food sellers, importers, sweet stands, florists, fishmongers, butchers, bakers & candlestick makers” line the streets of Granville Island. The tour is a great way to experience the culture and history of Granville Island. And if you fancy tasting some samples of the food or picking up some souvenirs, head to the Public Market. Image The brewery tour is completely optional and costs $9.75 (or a bit less if you’re a student)… but we missed the tour because we wrapped up lunch five minutes late. The Keg Steakhouse and Bar served up tasty food (incidentally, you must try the salmon while you’re in Vancouver, and Poutine if you can stomach the grease), but despite asking them to hurry it up a bit, the salmon didn’t arrive in time. Be warned, Canadians take their time keeping seriously. In fairness to them, they reimbursed us. And, admittedly, it was our fault. Regardless, we still got to sample the beer… Image

In the afternoon, my partners in crime decided to hop on a Floatplane at Canada Place, so I left them to it and continued to explore Granville Island. For anyone interested in flying over Vancouver and soaking up the sites, head to the Tourism Information Centre and check out the Floatplane deals. It’s $114 for a 20 minute flight (Vancouver Classic Panorama). They also fly to Victoria and Whistler so if you fancy mixing things up a bit and travelling in style, then that’s another option for you. I, as a student, stuck to my means. Walking is a great way of getting around Vancouver for those on a budget!  Everything is so accessible and the public transport is cheap as poutine.
ImageI spent that hour moseying around the completely gratis Canadian Trail. Free knowledge and fabulous sites of the harbour – lovely.

Image We had dinner at Mahony and Sons – we ate our seafood as we overlooked the harbour. I had the Pacific Coast Seafood Chowder. Mega yum. Image


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