64 Degrees, Brighton

Best. Food. Ever.

Those three words should sum it up but I wouldn’t be much of a blogger if I left it at that.

You’ll find 64 Degrees tucked away on Meeting House Lane. According to the couple propped up on the bar next to us, this restaurant used to be a sandwich shop in a former life. That’s how small it is. The waiting staff – a happy bunch, all of whom possess sparkly eyes and genuine smiles – will relieve you of any chunky baggage / garments, so you should be able to squeeze your way to your table. (This might be a struggle by the end of the meal though).

Chef Michael Bremner’s philosophy is that “the food rules, the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, the chefs are its lifeblood and centre of all the action”. And so they are… 


Not only were his team of chefs the epitome of professional, but they were also extremely charming . On the rare occasion I find myself in a kitchen, it’s a case of sweat and tears… sometimes blood… and many profanities (and that’s making a Pot Noodle). But these guys were as cool as cucumbers. They’re calm, good looking and, by God, they can cook. I might go back and ask one to marry me. Don’t mind which one.

Bremner’s menu features a selection of small plates and sharing dishes. We ordered the ‘chump, courgette, yogurt, flageolet’ (with little idea as to what that actually meant – but hey, life’s about trying new things and embracing the unknown, right?). It was lamb. Not just any lamb. The best goddamn lamb known to man. It was so good, I forgot to take a photo of it.

Then we went for the ‘wings, kimchi, blue cheese’… 


The picture doesn’t do it justice. The chicken melted in our mouths and the sauce… well, I would gladly bathe in it. (No idea what that white / terracotta leaf thing is… but it was crispy and delicious, so I devoured it anyway). 

Just as we started to feel spoiled, the ‘scallop, celery, onion’ dish arrived. We got three scallops each and we savored each bite. Delicious.


To tick the carb box, we ordered ‘potato knödel, cabbage, smoked butter’… NEVER has red cabbage tasted so good. I mean, what do they do to it?? It’s cabbage. But it’s not. It’s so much more. 


And the potatoes…? Well, for those who don’t speak / eat German (it’s a German dish, the umlaut might have given it away), imagine the best croquette potato you’ve ever had and multiply it by a million.

In the words of Homer Simpson: arrrrrrrhhh… can’t talk…. eating…… 

This place is due to celebrate it’s one year birthday next month, so you should go and celebrate with them. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had anything so damn good in my mouth. 


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