South America, Day Seventeen: Cusco, Peru

We had breakfast at Milhouse. It was lush – scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and mushrooms for 16 soles (about £4). Then we had a nap because the bus last night nearly killed us.

Having rested our weary heads, we went on the 12.30pm free walking tour of Cusco. We learned how the indigenous maintained their beliefs and culture, even after 300 years of colonisation, and I found it interesting. The tour guide was obviously passionate about it but some people looked a little lost. There were a lot of facts crammed into those three hours.


(Photo by Vicki Brand)

We walked around the old Cusco – the squares, temples, Inca ruins – the parts of Cusco that still carry connotations of the city’s indigenous past. We saw wild llamas, alpacas and vicunas… mega cute. The tour guide arranged for us all to catch a bus up a mountain that sounds like ‘sexy woman’ (“sacsayhuaman”) and we witnessed spectacular views of the whole of Cusco.




(Photos by Vicki Brand)

I love this city. It’s so refreshing to be here after La Paz. It’s so pretty. And the people are kind. Car drivers still honk their horns but not as frequently as their neighbours in Bolivia.



(Photos by Vicki Brand)

We tried alpaca meat (it was that delicious I didn’t even feel bad about it) and Peruvian pisco sours (to die for). Part of the tour even taught us how to tell real alpaca goods from fake ones (needless to say, we were definitely screwed over in Bolivia). We even watched a guy play music with some indigenous instruments… one of which was a skull /jaw from an animal of some sort.



Afterwards, we had some cocktails and soup at Limbo Restaurant and Bar. We had to leave them a good review in order to qualify for a free cocktail (hence the hundreds of 5 star reviews). The service was abysmal… but we got three free cocktails out of it so who cares if we had to wait an hour for the first drink. (There were hardly any customers so not sure how it all went so wrong).

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant and ordered the garlic alpaca steak and avocado something. Devine.

Now it’s 8pm and we’re in bed. Hardcore. (We’ve decide against Puno. Just can’t hack the night buses).


(Photo by Vicki Brand)


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