South America, Day Eighteen: Cusco, Peru

I’ve had a dodgy tummy so I’m a bit out of sorts.

Woke up. Felt like crap. Had a very small breakfast. And only ate half of my soup at brunch. Felt worse. (This is proof that I really am actually ill… I usually eat everything in sight).

Once I had enough energy to move, we got picked up at 1pm to do a quad-biking tour around the countryside.

Quad-bikes + tummy problems = interesting.


Nah, actually, trying not to kill myself on the quad-bike took my mind off the agonizing pain.


When we first arrived, I asked for the ‘bano’, and he pointed to a latrine. That wouldn’t have done the job so I was forced to get on with it.


I haven’t been on a quad-bike since February 2008. The last time I got on one, I fell off and impaled myself on a thorn bush. So I was a bit hesitant / nervous / terrified. In fact, I nearly threw a wobbler and refused to get on it. But then I “manned up” and the drive got easier with time. In fact, it was actually great fun. We whizzed around the dusty, terracotta paths, passing donkeys, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, children and even the occasional bus. The mountains in Peru are green and luscious; such a contrast to the brown slopes of Bolivia.



There were a few close calls today. I’d accidentally turned my bike left on a few occasions (when there was no left) and then I’d squeak until I remembered how to break. And Vicki nearly drove her quad and herself off a mountain ledge. There’s not really such thing as insurance here. Or health and safety.


Quote of the day goes to Vicki:

“I think I just ran over that child’s dog. It yelped and everything. I don’t want to drive back through the village!!”

I know it’s bad to laugh but HAHAHAHA.

(The dog was fine. We went back and checked.)


I’ve drank a litre of coke. It kills bad bacteria apparently. Right now I’d try antifreeze to burn this bug out of me. Fingers crossed this is a twenty-four hour thing.


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