South America, Day Twenty-Three: Cusco to Iguasu

Travel day.

A taxi from the airport in Iguasu to downtown costs 35 reals.

We walked out into a sweat-pit. Circa 30 degrees. At. Night. Hot, sticky, horrible. We had made the mistake of not changing our clothes so we got grumpy on the way to dinner because it was too hot.

As for Iguassu Falls Hostel’s recommendation, we went to Bier Garten. Don’t let the German name fool you – it was very, very Brazilian. And it had air conditioning. Hurrah.

We ordered the panaca a la mode – 70 reals for this feast for two. It included two steaks (each!), potatoes, bacon bits, rice, banana fritters, mayonnaise stuff (a bit like coleslaw but not), weird floury stuff and a pickle type of serving sauce. Delicious.

20141029_175715 IMG_20141030_225611

We also had caiparinhas to wash it all down. And two was enough to get us slaughtered. We stumbled home, barely surviving the heat. And fell into a coma.


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