South America, Day Twenty-Four: Foz du Iguaçu, Brazil

Having realised it would be a ball ache to “do” both sides of the falls in one day, we decided to stick to the Brazilian offering. We caught the bus (it says ‘Airport / ‘National Park’) and out 2.90 real fare took us to the door.


You can get an organised tour of both sides but it’ll cost you – and you need to book it in advance ideally. And, even then, it depends on numbers. They won’t run the tour if there’s less and four of you. If you want to see the Argentinian and Brazilian views, you probably need a couple of days. But in my [novice] opinion, the Brazilian side offers the opportunity to catch the falls in all their glory. So not sure why you’d need to do both, other than to say you did.


The Brazilian national park offers panoramic views of the falls. It is a pretty breathtaking sight. I mean,t here are waterfalls everywhere. And the speed / sound of the water is so powerful.



We walked around for a good couple of hours; taking loads of snaps along the way – selfies left, right and centre, plus a load of jumping shots (of course).

1551699_637423399078_617252636226803693_n 10848018_637423513848_1448199011530441735_n


You’d have thought it would be really warm during the day, especially if last night was anything to go by – but the skies opened and it rained and rained and rained. I know it’s a rain forrest but come on! It was relentless and – what with the spray of the falls – it got quite cold.

20141031_123431 20141031_114352

Despite the shit weather, we somehow plucked up the courage to do the boat ride in, around and UNDER the falls! It was cold and our waterproof jackets did bugger all to keep us dry – we got completely drenched. The boat literally went underneath the falls. It’s a miracle we didn’t drown / get knocked out by the force of the water. It was really fun though – and funny!

Before the boat ride. We did a mini-trek around the jungle – about half an hour. The guide told us to be careful where were were heading and to look at the handle rails before grabbing them in case of spiders. Well, that’s all I needed to completely freak out. I was not in a good place. Plus I was right at the back of the group!


It was a fun day out and we ended the day back in Bier Garten (after an accidental cocktail in Emporio Con Arte). We even ordered the same dish. Yum.


I’m suffering now though. I’ve still got a dodgy tummy (when will this END?!). It’s been a week.

We’re at Iguassu airport now; about to fly to Rio. Very excited. And it’s Vicki’s birthday, yay!

(Photos by Vicki Brand)


2 thoughts on “South America, Day Twenty-Four: Foz du Iguaçu, Brazil

  1. Great pictures! I wish I could have visited the Brasil side while I was the there. The Argentina side was great, but these pictures make me want to go back.

    • I kinda wish I’d seen the falls from the Argentina side too… but cramming in 6 countries into 4 weeks requires an element of sacrifice! (I can’t take credit for the snaps; my friend & travel companion is the one with “the eye”)

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