South America, Day Twenty-Five: Rio, Brazil

I’m writing this a day late and my “condition” has got worse. To the point where I’ve decided to eat crackers and dry bread. And NOTHING else. I’ve also resorted to taking Vicki’s antibiotics. Yes. It’s that bad.

So yesterday, after getting up at 4.30am and flying from Iguasu to Rio, we had lunch at the hotel. And I accidentally ordered and ate risotto. I won’t explain why this was a mistake.

The hotel (Grenada, Lapa) is very comfortable (just what we need after a month of roughing it!). Saying that, our bathroom is so small that it’s hard to squeeze into it. Good job we’re both slim. And – this morning – we saw a guy chuck a bucket of chlorine into the murky pool. Hmm. Probably won’t be swimming here.

We’re in the heart of Lapa, Rio’s cool, boho neighbourhood, but our street is a bit dodgy apparently. Lots of drug dealers and whores knocking about. They seem nice enough though.

Rio, itself, is bloody hot! 37 degrees yesterday and perhaps even hotter today. We can see Christ the Redeemer from the rooftop pool bar. That’s pretty cool.

Anyway – so after lunch, we sat by the pool for a spell and then got ready for our night on the town. We went to Rio Scenarium – one of the top ten bars in the world, according to The Guardian and it was… EPIC. Really cool.

1555405_637426063738_7630707957672927422_n 10301446_637425978908_3680419415033474874_n

You don’t pay until you leave (which could be dangerous) and the entry into the bar is a little confusing. You literally have to be a predator and hunt for a table. The waiters don’t really help. Nor do the majority speak English.


They’re also not birthday fans – they gave Vicki free entry (usually 25 reals) but that was about it. They laughed when I suggested / mimed free cake and cocktails. And nobody understood ‘birthday’ so I had to sing them the ‘Happy Birthday’ song until they twigged..

10685504_637426023818_3987036042921145763_n 10857869_637426003858_2207130541587899605_n

We had camembert (mistake), steak (mistake), 2 normal cairprinhas (fine) and a fruity one (mistake).

We went to a bar opposite the hotel (Salsa & Cebolinha) and got screwed over for cocktails. Most places (even posh hotels) charge 12 reals… we paid 15. Then again, I still don’t think that’s a bad deal (like £3.80!). It’s the principle!


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