South America, Day Twenty-Six: Rio, Brazil

So my “condition” reached its peak and today was possibly the worst day health-wise. After breakfast (I ate a cracker), we chilled out by the pool – until a load of school kids decided to gatecrash and ruin our lives.

We left.

Then, after a wee lay down, we went out for lunch (I ate cracker). We went to a restaurant opposite Sanatorium in Lapa. Vicki’s prawn risotto looked lovely… if I wasn’t dying of pain, I’d have been jealous.

After lunch, we wandered around the market – Vicki bought some coins and I nearly keeled over so we had to head back to the hotel for another lie down. I blame the guinea-pig (see Day 20; Cusco, Peru).


10386355_637426238388_4265351086406511469_n 9456_637426133598_5273894758427243923_n

And then, we decided to see Christ the Redeemer – we jumped in a cab (for reference say “Cristo Redentor” as none of the taxi drivers speak ‘tourist’, nor do they know where Gomes Friere is). The taxi took us up most of the way to the top. It cost 50 reals. At the top, we bought a ticket to see Christ the Redeemer, which included a shuttle further up to the peak.

The views are incredible:



And, yeah, as statues go… it was pretty impressive.


Saying that, I got stressed and moody because it was really busy. Swarming in fact. Hard to take a photo. We actually had to lie on our backs on the floor (try that when you feel like your stomach’s gonna explode with an alien that’s been slowly eating its way through you – like the film).

1525666_637430574698_2484984297342882237_n 20141101_161534

Anyway, needless to say, I wasn’t in a happy place but we’ve got the all-famous shot of it so hurrah.



Oh and at Christ the Redeemer, it’s not easy to catch a taxi back down to earth. There are unlicenced taxis up there who’ll demand a fixed price. Ours demanded 60 but we got it for 50. But still risky though. But we didn’t get murdered. Hurrah.

For dinner (Vicki’s part two of birthday celebrations), we went to Hotel Fasano and the pool rooftop bar. It was lovely – our first taste of posh. The view was stunning and the taxi came right up to our feet. I imagine rich people could get very lazy. And fat.


10451797_637426787288_1305480202692358664_n(All photos, as usual, by Vicki Brand)


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