South America, Day Twenty-Nine: Rio, Brazil

Noooo it’s our last day!

We’re currently at Rio International Airport and there’s sweet FA here, so we’re very bored. The one coffee shop here is naff. And the one shop is also shit. It’s Rio for God’s sake! Oh and ‘duty free’ is a myth. In fact, it’s bullshit. It’s more expensive here than anywhere else.


Today, we had breakfast (our final day of avoiding the frankfurters and the eyes of pervy waiters), then we sat by the pool and burnt to a fine crisp (it was about 33 degrees). Then we got rushed out because reception couldn’t seem to agree on a check out time. We had lunch at Mangue Seco in Lapa (more streak but they lied about Madeira sauce… it was just gravy, and they even forgot to serve it in the first place). Then we wondered around the junk shops (well, Vicki wondered, I stood outside in the sun). We had another caipirinha at the ever-so-cool Lapa Cafe.


10858495_637431837168_2438849712743783493_n 10850153_637431867108_3464740155944048641_n

Then we chilled out by the pool, took hundred of jumping photos…

10629582_637432440958_3555263373957350039_n 13997_637431971898_6657570498602602570_n


…And now we’re wandering around Rio airport, wondering how to spend the 40 reals we have left.

Oh, I forgot to say we witnessed a motobirke accident in Ipanema yesterday. He was fine but the bike wasn’t. Taxi went right into him. He flew into the air. Everyone at the restaurant gasped but soon forgot about it. Just shows how bloody mad they are on the road.

Well, it’s been one hell of a month – and we have pretty much LOVED every moment (except my “condition” and Vicki’s e-coli). Vicki has been a great travel buddy and we’ve had so much bloody fun and laughs!. Until next time…

(‘The Best Ofs’ from all 29 days to follow)


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