Koh Tao, Thailand (New Year’s Day, aka ‘Write Off’)

Today, as you might expect, was a car crash. We got maybe two hours of broken sleep and then we had to drag our sorry selves to the pier for our 12.30pm ferry to Koh Tao. Everyone in the queue looked like a colourful shade of death because their lifeless limbs were still doused in glow paint.


Our attempt to soak up some sun on deck failed so we paid an extra 20 baht to sit in the cooler cabin and we slept most of the way.


Upon arrival, we had lunch at the restaurant to the left of the pier – my addled brain can not recall the name of the establishment, aka shack. I had a red curry and Victor had… yep… Pad Thai. Mega yums.


Then we caught a taxi to Clear View, cooled down in our room, and then headed out for dinner at In Touch resort. Gorgeous location overlooking the ocean coupled with delicious food. I mean, what else do you need?? Victoria had another Pad Thai and I tried a papaya salad (won’t be doing that again). For dessert, we had this warm banana, milk and honey thing.


Now we’re in bed ready to pass out.


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