Koh Tao, Thailand (Nangyuan Island)

Breakfast at Clear View (nothing to sing home about) followed a semi-acceptable wake up time, and then we went for a wander in search of a boat.


We found one; a water taxi (just walk down the main strip adjacent to Sairee Beach). 300 baht for a return journey to Nangyuan Island. We were dropped off at midday and our pick up for the return was at 4pm. He didn’t ask for money in advance. Lots of trust here.

IMG_20150102_144315 IMG_20150102_144349

IMG_20150102_144042 IMG_20150102_131518

Nangyuan is a beautiful tri-land (that’s my word)… it comprises of a set of three islands all of which are conjoined by a strip of sand, probably no more than ten feet wide. It was pretty overcast so we just chilled out over a few [hundred] cocktails and some food. I ordered Thai Green curry and I was robbed because it was just a pile of slightly flavoured rice with veg and no bloody curry. When I asked ‘where’s the sauce?’,  they just threw me a sweet / sickly smile and basically ignored me. I wasn’t impressed. And the whole damn beach got to hear about it.

IMG_20150102_144012 IMG_20150102_184641

We purposefully missed the “viewing point” because it required a significant amount of effort (lots of stairs in the heat, no thanks). We’re lazy cows so we missed out on what’s supposed to be an amazing view.

The water taxi returned us to Sairee beach and we had a jug of Sangria (with white wine, too hot for red) at a place nearby the drop off called Fishbowl Beach Bar. We were lured in by a gathering of bean bags spread out on the beach – what a way to watch the sunset.

Once we’d showered off the day, we set out for dinner at In Touch (because it was so damn good last night). I had a Massaman curry and Victoria had… yep, you guessed it… Pad Thai.

We decided to have one drink… but that good intention went awry and turned into a frenzy of balloons, buckets and beer. We were lured into a bar (Bar Next 2) that offered free balloons for every bucket (classy) and the bar was pumping out some tunes; cheesy-house-pop-RnB-dance – you name it – and everything was remixed. And there was even some fire poi on the beach. Can’t get better than that, eh? We met a Welsh couple (Chloe and Billy) and a couple of other really cool guys. We partied with them until 2am and spent a fortune. Great night though!

IMG_20150103_193112 IMG_20150103_000248


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