Koh Phangan, Thailand (Paradise)


We checked out of Clear View, had breakfast at In Touch, soaked up some sun on the beach and then caught a taxi to the pier in time for the 3pm ferry back to Phangan. We didn’t book a ticket in advance but it was relatively easy to sort out on the day and didn’t seem any more expensive compared to the prices we were getting online (500 baht).


The sea was a bit choppy. A guy puked in the row behind us. I didn’t really notice. I was asleep. Victoria did though. She was forced to bury her face into her kaftan.

We got to Phangan at 4.20pm and caught another open-air taxi to Loyfa Natural Resort (200 baht because it’s a bit further out on the other side of the island).

20150103_173216 20150103_173200

It’s somewhat overwhelming stepping foot into paradise and Victoria cried at reception. Beautiful beach, infinity pool, our own villa with a private pool… we even got cold flannels and coconut water on arrival.


The food was a bit shit though. I asked for an extra hot Thai red curry. It wasn’t even a little bit hot. It was flavourless in fact. And the tofu was bunged in without being grilled beforehand. (I’m not going veggie on you; I’m just avoiding food poisoning as my tummy is dodge already… I blame South America; that guinea-pig ruined me).



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