Koh Phangan, Thailand (Poisoning)

The “condition” that I suffered from in South America followed me to Asia and it struck me down today on day seven. I spent most of the day out of action. Couldn’t eat breakfast (not actually a bad thing – it didn’t look at all appetizing), had a handful of chips for lunch (again, probably a blessing – Victoria’s Tom Yam looked rank).

Basically we just chilled by the infinity pool, had a sleep and got burnt.

We also hopped into a kayak and spent about an hour trying to stop the thing from going around in circles. It would’ve been great fun if I didn’t feel as sick as a pike.


We then had a lush massage on the beach front. 500 baht for an hour. She cracked my back and dislocated all of my toes and fingers. But it felt good in a oh-god-she’s-gonna-paralyse-me kinda way. Victoria was a bit concerned for her ovaries; – “Errr, they’re my ovaries!”, she cried as the woman dug her fists into the region in question. It’s all hands-in-usually-out-of-bounds-places so don’t get one if you’re shy… or ticklish.

The restaurant at Loyfa is pretty shit so we headed out for dinner. Bugger all choicely but we found a decent joint called Ladda. Typically Thai – as in we had to sit on the floor. I had another red curry and Victoria, having turned her back on Pad Thai, got the same (although less spicy). It was worlds better than Loyfa’s version. And it didn’t make me throw up. Hurrah.



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