Phangan to Phi Phi, Thailand (travel day; another backpack, another ferry)

We pre-booked our ticket from Koh Phangan to Koh Phi Phi via Danok / Krabi and it came to around £23 each, which mirrors the price offered on the day. Out hotel treated us to a free taxi to the pier. Always nice. We caught some rays on the ferry to Danok and then we hopped on a bus. Be sure to follow the crowd when you arrive; there’s a walk way and, at the end on the left, there’s a bus stop – and hopefully a bus. The bus was comfy and cool – but there was a gross smell of urine wafting around. And puke. No doubt thanks to the fluorescent full-mooners. Get in the queue early and don’t sit downstairs. REPEAT. Do not sit downstairs. That’s where the toilet lives. Between the bus and the other ferry (from Krabi to Phi Phi), we grabbed a sandwich at one of the cafes (actually, the only cafe). ADVICE: pack some food if you’re gonna do this journey. It’s a long one and there aren’t many / any respites.


The ferry to Koh Phi Phi took a couple of hours. Entry to Phi Phi is 500 baht and the money goes towards the restoration of the island (it took the brunt of the tsunami ten years ago). Upon arrival, we were greeted by a guy from the Phi Phi Andaman Legacy resort who carried our bags for us on a little trolley as we made our way to the hotel (about a ten minute walk). The walk to the hotel was really fun; the sun was out in force and the place has a real happy ‘n hippy air about it. We exchanged a few sentences with a gorgeous Irish man (he said ‘welcome to Phi Phi, girls’ and I melted); he was one of the many expats who’d decided to abandon the real world for a place in paradise.

IMG_20150105_213308 IMG_20150105_213231

We had dinner at Chao Koh and post-dinner drinks at Carlitos Bar while we watched the fire show – that is until the rain came down.



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