Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (Maya Beach)


We booked a half day trip with one of the mini travel agents dotted along the Phi Phi strip. Shop around first; we paid 50 baht more than we should’ve because we were lazy. I know it’s only a pound but still. First stop: Maya Beach. We had heard that “the beach” in the Leo film gets really busy and were even told not to bother – but we were so pleased we did. It’s an absolutely stunning beach. The water is crystal clear. It’s a piece of paradise, it really is.

IMG_20150107_162433 IMG_20150106_135512

IMG_20150106_134014 IMG_20150106_133926

The trip included a few other stops; the Viking Caves, Monkey Island and a few snorkelling spots. I felt bad for the monkeys; the tour guides have got them hooked on coca cola so they guzzle from cans and bottles while the tourists laugh and point. Aside from that, they seem pretty happy though.


The trip was from 9am to 1pm and even though lunch was provided (veggie rice), we had another batch of lunch at 4 Seasons afterwards. I had Tom Yam and Victor was back on the Pad Thai.

Then it was time to catch another ferry to Railay. Our hotel helped us with our bags; well, they gave us a guy who wheeled a trolley for us. The boat journey was lovely; we sat on the top deck in the fresh sea air. It was cloudy when we left and sunny when we arrived and – because I fell asleep – I subsequently burnt my shoulders pretty badly.

IMG_20150106_205638 IMG_20150106_205752

We arrived in Railay at 5.30pm (the 3.30pm ferry is the last of the day); we had to wade through the water because the boats don’t come into the shore. Victor had been on the Chang so it was quite amusing watching her navigate through the sea with her backpack on.

IMG_20150107_194855 IMG_20150107_194404

IMG_20150107_194457 IMG_20150106_205518

We had to make our own way to Railay Princess Spa and Hotel – only a five minute walk to the east side of the peninsula – & then we had dinner at one of the quieter restaurants on the front, to the right of Railay village. There was a pancake place opposite so that’s where we had dessert. The woman on the till was terrifying.

It’s very couply here. Couples snogging everywhere. Quite sickening actually. And loads of children. Urgh. And it’s more expensive than any of the other places we’ve been (like double the price of the East Kohs). Wouldn’t recommend Railay if you’re alone or with mates; not that side of the peninsula anyway.

(We weren’t to know but the other side was where the fun was at… more on this later).


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