Railay – Krabi – Brangkok, Thailand (Homeward Bound)

Last day. Boo.

We went for a stroll to check out the beach that my friend Heather got engaged on. It was absolutely stunning. ** High fives Joel **

IMG_20150108_124518 IMG_20150108_110318

We also checked out their hotel – Rayavadee. Pretty damn plush. The boy did good.



We soaked up the last bit of sun and, before lunch at Friendship Restaurant, we had a rather shit pedicure. But it was only 200 baht so meh.


Lunch was good. We both had pad thai. For old time’s sake.

Then, with our backpacks packed and on back, we had to wade into the sea for the last time (this is breaking my heart) to catch our fishtail boat to Krabi, and from there we hopped into a taxi to the airport. The whole journey took about an hour.

Our flight to Bangkok was with Air Asia. We were a bit nervous. As you’ll no doubt remember, an Air Asia plane crashed into the sea last week, killing everyone onboard. My heart goes out to those lost souls.

Needless to say, we were fine.

After a long, long journey via 3 boats and 3 planes, I’m now on the tube. Air China is pretty shit. They served us dog food and Victoria puked before the plane even landed. Saying that, we got home in one piece, so I guess that’s all that counts.


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