Havana, Cuba (Day 3)

After breakfast (a carbon copy of yesterday’s), we paid for an hour’s worth of internet at Parque National Hotel. It cost the same as our breakfast. It’s sad really; three days in and we’re chomping on the bit to update Facebook, to spend time away from the wonders of Cuba to tell everyone at home about the wonders of Cuba. What strange creatures of habit we are.

11174771_649582771598_6129928449417561548_n(photo by VB)

Having told our nearest and dearest that we’re still alive, we hopped on the hop-on-hop-off bus and never hopped off because we were only interested in Santa Maria beach (a ‘playa’ for the local Cubans). You can catch the bus from the Parque National, to the right of the green square. It takes about half an hour to get there and you need to get off the bus when it stops at the Tropicoco Hotel.

11174769_649586494138_952584063309508243_n 10985340_649583056028_5478578939385305887_n(photos by VB)

The beach is absolutely stunning and a guy will pretty much wait on you and bring you everything you could ever dream of; rum, food, rum, beer, food, more rum. The only thing he doesn’t offer is a massage! A seat costs 2cuc, so does an umbrella (Vicki burns), and cocktails are 3cuc each. Lunch came to 10cuc; fish and… ah hem… rice. A live Cuban band set up about a foot away from our heads so we bopped our sausage legs to the beats and applauded / tipped when prompted!

11183434_10155474463995008_1919907949123285687_n 11152339_10155474456360008_2096626876351192897_n

Victoria got loads of stares. It felt like we were on a red carpet… or in a zoo. Kinda feel sorry for celebrities now. And caged animals.

10451905_10155474457115008_4192225599463129469_n 11174902_10155474464060008_5531521669233571411_n

We went to El Chanchullero on Paza del Cristo on Brasil Calle… and got completely battered on rum, Cuba-style! We had caipirinhas, mojitos, cuba libres, and other rum-based yummies. By the time the food arrived (9pm), we were smashed; which was handy because the food was rank. Well, the lamb was – it was basically leather – but Victor did well with the fish, in that she managed to chew it without breaking a tooth.

11203138_649586943238_4718011186687801012_n 11116521_10155474457855008_5773078118697064314_n(photos by VB)

We met an Australian pilot but he took off (boom tish!) before round two (he suggested we meet him later at the Art Cafe but it was a dive).


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