Trinidad, Cuba (Day 6)

After breakfast, we set out in search of the bus station… and after walking around in circles in the blinding heat for a loooong while, we finally found it… buuuuuut there are no buses to Vinales from here. At least we walked breakkie off and saw a bunch of pretty casas en route. (Incidentally, breakfast was pretty much a carbon copy of the Havana hostel… I don’t think they have much choice when it comes to ingredients… rations, ‘n all).

11174957_649569912368_8844401602709310104_n 11188398_649570356478_4648181159110490726_n (Photos by VB)

We had a wander around Plaza Mayor and some of the surrounding streets. There are an array of cute market stalls here; I brought a Cuba cap.


(Photo by VA – filtered to the max, of course!)

Then we caught a bubble-car (Coco taxi) to Playa Ancon – a truly stunning beach about 15 / 20 minutes away. We fried to a crisp and dipped our toes into the sea – like ‘warm milk’, as Victor’s mama would say.

11174857_649570581028_4096855691252414005_n 10418953_649570645898_6493152103982679841_n (Photos by VB)

We had dinner at our casa familia – chicken, rice, beans, sweet potato, normal potato. In short; a LOT of food.

11164610_649569967258_190446225300393206_n 11174957_649569912368_8844401602709310104_n (Photos by VB)

Then we headed out into the small and modest town. We paid 1cuc to go into Casa de la Trova but we couldn’t grab a seat because the place was packed with pensioners; all of whom got there way earlier than 9pm to pinch a table. The live Cuban music and dancing were fun to watch but it was too hot and packed to stand there gawping at the oldies on the dance floor… so after a tug-of-war with some Germans, and a couple of cocktails to boot, we danced our way out of there.

988918_649570411368_3064776861679591634_n(Photo by VB)

We went to a nearby bar instead and watched a live band play while we drank our rank electronic blue cocktails. A horse was parked outside; it was strange seeing his little face through the window.


Since we were absolutely shattered from soaking up the sun all day (poor us!), we had a pretty early night. (And there’s me having a dig at the pensioners at Casa de la Trova!!).


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