Trinidad – Vinales, Cuba (Day 7)


We got up at a decent hour, had breakfast (fruit, cheese, ham, eggs and coffee) and hopped into an open-top Jeep in search for La Boca – which was essentially a rocky beach. A pretty rocky beach, mind. Time a’ticking, we spend the best part of an hour admiring the view. The round-trip cost 10CUC between so it was a worthwhile venture. This side of the town is very chilled out; hardly any people, very quiet. Mountains frame the Caribbean sea and the only sound was of the water crashing against the shore. If I had the patience for meditation, this would be the perfect place.


Lunch was a bit of a let down; once again, the menu gave the impression that we had a choice. We didn’t. Ah well, can’t moan. It’s moments like this that make you realise just how lucky we are to – back in the comfort zone of our normal day-to-day lives – have a choice. Or choices.


After lunch, the 7 / 8 hour journey to Vinales. We were expecting it to be a horrid trip but it was actually bearable and, despite being wind-swept beyond recognition, it was a fairly comfortable day.


We had two stops; one to a cool place, somewhere between Trinidad and Havana, with nice toilets. The second; somewhere near Havana, with the shittiest of shit-holes known to man. I’m not exaggerating. You could easily die in there.

We finally arrived at our casa; a little green house, surrounded by the lush vegetation on of Vinales. And we had an awesome dinner (totally made up for lunch). The three of us devoured five lobsters. The food was absolutely delicious. And we washed it down with wine. Turns out that’s one thing Cuba can’t do very well. Don’t touch the wine. Stick to rum.

The day ended in with what was possibly the best night’s sleep of the trip so far.

(Photos thanks to the lovely Vicki Brand)


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