Viñales, Cuba (Day 8)

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Chill out day. To get over all the car journeys. Sunbathing at the casa in the morning, followed by a wander around town. We went to a cute little market and bought earrings, bracelets – most were a CUC each. So cheap: not sure how they can live off their earnings. I think it’s because there’s one price for tourists and another for Cubans.


We had lunch at El Gallito. The girls had fish and I had lamb. It melted in my mouth. ** Drooooool ** Oh and needless to say it came with the usual rice and beans. We’re turning into a hybrid of where a rice grain meets a bean – a rean / brice. (Had a lot of sun today; it’s clearly fried my brain).

We had a casa-made dinner; this time it was fish, and not particularly nice… but hey ho, can’t win ’em all.


In prep for the evening, we got our glad-rags on (god, I sound like a pensioner) and went to Patio del Decimista. The Cuban men aren’t shy AT ALL and Vicki was the first to grace the dance floor. I followed suit and the pair of us sweated it out with the various guys who grabbed us and pulled us up there in the first place. (Hmm, just realised that could sound dodge to the tainted mind: sweated it out dancing, I mean…).

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Victor played the maracas but said ‘no’ to the millions of men who asked her to dance. The heart-breaker.


We got wasted and played on the equipment of an outdoor gym (don’t ask) before retiring for the night.


(Photos thanks to the gorgeous Vicki Brand)


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