Havana, Cuba (Day 10)


(Photo by VB)

Our communal taxi came at 9am but because two Spanish girls couldn’t get their shit together, we ended up sitting cooped up in the back for a good hour before we even left Vinales. I verbalised my annoyance; in broken Spanish, English, and some Spanglish. Nothing I love more than driving around in circles in a bloody oven of a car. When we did eventually leave (not letting this go), the ride took about 3 hours. We each paid 15cuc… and there were 8 of us.

11174988_649668030738_4813176289133394773_n 10423848_10155474489300008_2680007943840978953_n

We arrived in our beloved Havana and had lunch at a local paradera near to the first bar we ever stepped foot in, 10 days ago. We ate lobster as live musicians serenaded us. It was lovely.

11148512_10155474488730008_5350234538011446512_n 11174981_10155474488180008_5446185171801219914_n

Then we chilled out until the evening when we got absolutely obliterated on mojitos and shots of dark rum. One of us was sick on the street, another one of us shouted at the casa lady… and the other one drunkenly wrote a blog about it. 😉


Good night.


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