Quick Fiction: “It”

The second she saw it, the air solidified and hit her chest with the force of a hammer. As she tried to catch her breath, darkness pulled her under and fabric muzzled her mouth, stifling a silent scream. Her pulse splintered across every limb, needles pricked the hollows between her eyes and a stranger’s heart slammed inside her rib cage with the rage of a mercenary drill. In a desperate attempt to escape, she clawed at her flesh and sent punches into the air that betrayed her gasps.

It was coming for her.
She had to get away.

Blood clouded her vision. Squirming, she choked on her fear as she struggled to break free from the pair of invisible hands that held her down…

She woke up screaming in her lover’s face. He would hold her until her tears dried and, once the light had broken the terror of the night, he’d trace butterfly kisses across the scratches on her face, whispering; ‘there’s nothing there, baby, there’s nothing to be frightened of…’

And she would say; ‘I know, I’m sorry…’ as she watched it crawl across the wall and disappear into a crack.


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