South America, Day Four: Santiago, Chile

Jo Sutherland

Today we said ‘adios Argentina’ and ‘ciao Chile’ (‘ciao’ can also mean ‘hello’). Our flight with Sky Airline went nice and smoothly and we touched down after a magical journey over the snow-capped Andes. We arrived in Santiago around lunchtime, caught the blue bus (1,500 pesos per adult) and then, at Los Heroes, took the metro to Santa Isabel (red line, then the blue line – don’t leave the station, just change lines). Then we heaved our backpacks across the sunlit streets of Providencia to our lovely, cosy hostel – Ventana Sur Hostel. We met Ivan and I had a whole conversation in Spanish and, what’s more, I understood him! Progress.

We got lunch at a place called Mistura del Peru (Peruvian cuisine in case you couldn’t guess). We ordered the fish of the day (a shellfish saucy thing with rice), and a chicken and beef dish (as you…

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