You made the promise of forever as I stood back in silence and smiled. You took her out into the sun and danced to the rhythm of applause, while my heart found comfort in your laughter, gentle as confetti raining down like tears. Don’t ask me to live in the shadows. You chose her. The ‘we’ that never was melted away.
My fingers trace patterns on your back as you pull her softly towards you, breathing in the smell of familiar skin. You once cradled my face in those hands; that kiss, those lips, that ‘I love you’ were mine. Our summer scatters into whispers – sweet nothings in the cave of her neck – and my flesh no longer sings our secret song. As a new sun rises, your touch fades. You choose her. And we collapse into a story that won’t be told.
We never said goodbye. No last embrace, no looking back – no parting kiss. And yet I can still remember the way your eyes burned into mine, and I can still feel your arms cradle me at night, the heat of your body in that empty space, the butterflies that kissed my tears away. I adored your hate and caressed your rage. We knew you were always going to choose pain. You will never be my story; six years on, I can barely speak your name.

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