South America, Day Eight: Patagonia, Chile

Jo Sutherland

Today we spent five hours on a horse. In the snow. Subsequently, we’re broken, hungry and in need of wine.

My horse was called Toastie…


And Vicki’s was called Pickled Onion (but the Spanish word for it, which neither of us can remember)…


The horses were amazing – feisty, fiery and nifty on their hooves; they hoiked us up those mountains in a jiffy. They also slipped over a fair few times (“nay” good) but, thankfully, didn’t completely go head over hooves.

I’ve never been on a horse in the snow before. It was bloody freezing. We didn’t even have proper coats on and it was about minus five with the wind-chill (so we guessed).


Five hours is just too long. And we didn’t have a break – not for water, food, or a wee!


The couple who owned the gaucho ranch were… odd. Well, the bloke who took us…

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