South America, Day Eleven: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Jo Sutherland

Writing in a hammock is really bloody difficult… especially when you’re trying to get your whole body in the sun. I’m gonna fall off in a minute, hip over arse, onto the gravel below. I hope you appreciate the effort that’s going into this blog.

It’s pretty damn hot today. It climbed to 30 degrees yesterday. It’s set to do the same today.


Poor Vicki isn’t very well – she’s emailed the doc with her symptoms and he thinks it might be e-coli. We actually joked about catching such nasties when we were still back on earth, in  the office. Turns out you shouldn’t tempt fate. She’s feeling a bit better today so we’re currently weighing up drugs v. nature. As a fan of meds, I’m leaning towards the former. If she feels better later on, we’ll go to the lagoon…. if not, we’ll probably just relax here. We’ve got…

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