The fish?

Slipping. Slipping into – the… something. What was that – ? That thing – ? I watched that film – the one where she loses her mind. I don’t remember – you know the one, right? She’s only fifty. Sixty. No, fifty. Definitely fifty. Maybe younger. Shame. Isn’t it? Yes, such a shame. B vitamins. Apparently that helps. B12, I’m told. Or 5HT… HT… TCP? No, that never helps. HT…HT… And fish. The oils. Good for… something. She thought she was slipping. Slipping into – the… something. You know the something. Only forty years old. Such a shame. Isn’t it? The something. Oh that something? Yes, shame. A real shaaaaame. It was around the same time, I think – yes, the same time the fish lost it’s mind. Too much BT. At the same time. No, TCP. H-C-T-P-B-H-T-H-T. No. Something 12? What? Anyway. It slipped into the – what? The oil, so slippery. Slip – slip – slipping into the something. What was that thing – ? It slipped into? No. It had B vitamins – the fish was always going to be fine. But the girl – the woman – she slipped away into…

What was that – ?




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