Tordi Sagar (the “willage”)

In true dirty stop-out style, we left Jaipur in last night’s outfits and hopped into a jeep – the jeep of shame. Nah, it hadn’t been an all-nighter really. But we were advised to wear something we wouldn’t mind getting ruined because travelling from Jaipur to Tordi Sagar on Holi would be a “colourful” journey; meaning we were likely to get set upon by kids armed with paint (see below)


The group divided into fives and my five – the famous five – ended up in the jeep of a bigtime Shakira fan. We spent hours, and hours, and hours in that bumpy ole jeep, listening to Shakira on a loop. It was funny at first. But by the seventeenth “hips don’t lie”, we began to lose the plot. “Oh baby when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad” – yes, don’t you just, Shakira!! (See below shot of Catherine going slowly insane…)


Anyway, we laughed (hysterically and otherwise) most of the way to the small village of Tordi Sagar. And that’s when our particular fivesome (me, Jess, Rhian, Catherine and Matt) bonded. I guess there’s nothing like hours of Shakira on a loop to solidify friendships. From that point on, we were known as ‘Team Shakira’. A little sad, granted, but it worked.


We arrived at our hotel for the daytime version of Holi celebrations. Loads of village (pronounced “willage”) kids congregated and we had a party in the garden, with beer (hurrah). These kids don’t mess around though; they add water to the colours which means it basically turns into dye. Me and the other blondes decided to turban it up to protect our locks (we didn’t fancy rocking up to work with green hair) but it didn’t really do much to protect us.



By the end of the party, our group was like where rainbow-meets-kaleidoscope. People had green, yellow, pink, purple hair, beards, skin… my bra even went multi-coloured.  But it was fun dancing with the locals.


There’s not much to do in this particular village so we decided to pay a little extra and go on a jeep safari. It culminated with us climbing a bitch of a sand dune. Heat + sand mountain + unfit = badness. I nearly died.

Got there in the end though…


We watched the sunset as we sipped our sweet tea (they didn’t have beer).


After a lovely evening meal, we all grabbed ourselves a relatively early night. No bars in the willage.