Udaipur – Ahmedabad, India

The travel day that didn’t end began with a hilarious bus journey. Dirty feet everywhere. People climbing over each other (literally – we’re talking feet on faces). One man had a wee out of the window while the bus was moving. Jess and I shared a cage (they’d run out of seats) and we spent most of the journey (hours and HOURS) trying to hide away from pervy stares with a tatty old bit of curtain that didn’t close. All part of the adventure!
We arrived in Ahmedabad (still can’t pronounce it) at some point in the blistering heat of the day. And dragged our exhausted, bus-whipped bodies to the Kochrab Ashram to have a look at where Gandhi lived and preached. To be honest, I was too bloody hot to care.
Before bracing the overnight train, we spent a few hours chilling at the hotel and trying not to die when we popped out to buy some snacks. Crossing the road was… interesting. Between the death-defying tuk-tuks and boy racers, it’s a miracle we found ourselves on those 3rd class carriages, heading cross-country to Mumbai (still referred to as Bombay over there).
The train journey was great fun actually. The man opposite me kept farting and burping. That wasn’t fun. But it was quite cosy in our little bunks. And I liked the way the train rocked me to sleep. It was a good job our tour-guide, Sid, told us when to get off – coz they don’t bother with announcements and the station signs aren’t in English. It’s a case of jump off and hope for the best.

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