Day 2: a Scottish road trip

Day 2 in the motorhome:

So despite turning the heating off overnight (mistake), we woke up this morning. Woo.

We woke up in a pub car park on a main road, so we decided to do this:

Proper. Road. Trip. To somewhere that’s else.

Before hitting the road, we made the most of the pub car park. We showered. We made and ate a bacon sandwich. We pottered – more than we’ve ever pottered before.

Then we exploded the Lake District. Ladies and gentlemen, I present… ENGLAND.

Shot of the day? Lake Windermere.

You’re welcome.

So we drove and drove and eventually entered Scotland (yeah boi), crossed the Erskine Bridge…

… into Bonnie Scotland, d’yee’think’eeee’eh. (Me doing a Scottish accent… badly).

We found Loch Lomond:

Pretty huh?

But that was at 4.30pm and my boyfriend isn’t one to settle for second best (obvs coz he’s with me innit) so we carried on to Inveraray (Loch Fyne… it’s “fyyyyyne”).

After nearly accidentally “wild parking” in a cemetery…

… we decided to park in a car park (another more beautiful one) right in front of the Loch. Only problem is it’s on a slant so we had to park on ramps. Fingers crossed they hold our weight and that the hand break stays “breaky”, otherwise we’ll be found in the Loch. Next spring.

On the plus side, we found a great pub in Inveraray – The George Hotel. Awesome atmosphere, lush food, better beer.

P.s. I’ve had a lot of beer. Scottish beer, so it’s been a cultural evening. But apologies if none of the above makes sense. But having a truly wonderful time. Toying with the idea of doing this for a year. Poet. Know it.


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