A whistle-stop tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 1 & 2 of our Dalmatian adventure:

We got the Atlas shuttle bus from the airport to the old town city gates (around £6 for a one-way journey, and takes about half an hour). Make sure you sit on the left side of the bus for the best views.

From here, we made our way through the old town to check into our hotel for the night: Dominus Little Palace. The first thing that strikes us – aside from how beautiful the city is – is how friendly the people are (the hotel manager is simply brilliant). The second thing that strikes us is how expensive it is. Well, it’s on a par with London. Apparently Dubrovnik is 5 times more expensive than other cities in Croatia. Ouch.

We’d booked our buggy adventure in advance (you get a small discount) so we had to make our way to the top of the hill (Srd) and the easiest / quickest / cheapest way of getting there is by cable car (around £15 return).

We had lunch at the Panorama restaurant. As the name might suggest, great views. But as the location might suggest, very pricey. £6 for a beer. We still haven’t looked at how much the bill came to.

Then it was time for our buggy safari (which is parked up just outside the cable car exit).

It gets very muddy so make sure you wear clothes you’re not bothered about ruining. Great fun! Plus you get a brief history lesson when you zoom by the fort.

After some not-too-pricey cocktails at Buzz bar, we had a lush dinner at Azur (where tapas meets Thai). So yummy. Then loads more drinks until it was time to pass out.

On day 2, we walked the wall (£18 each)…

Now it’s time to get our bus to Tivat, Montenegro. The main bus station is near the port, so you’ll need to catch a bus to get there. 1A or 1B. They only take cash – it’s 12 kuna if you pay at one of the ticket stands, or 15 if you pay on the bus. It’s the first stop after the only roundabout, about ten minutes.

I’ll report on Montenegro shortly!