Born in Essex. Came out asleep. Got slapped. Cried. First word was ‘more’. Grew up in the United Arab Emirates (Fujairah). Enjoyed a bizarre childhood; one which included camels. Returned to England. Fondly dubbed ‘the weird kid with the tan’. Got older. Trained as an actor at drama school. Got sick of rejection so moved to Spain. Accidentally accepted a job in Timeshare. Got sucked into a soulless void. Another slap. Flew back to England. Next stop: Recruitment. Credit crunch, 2008. Decided to get myself an education “innit”. Discovered my inner geek. Graduated. Landed myself a job in broadcast PR. Two years later; applied for a scholarship. Scored. Moved to the seaside. By day, eternal student & PR gal. By any other time, writer / dreamer / globe-trotter.


Blog Blurb:

– Books: I don’t claim to be an expert but occasionally I may feel compelled to share my thoughts.

– Jo’s To Dos: This bit will focus on anything and everything worth mentioning that’s vaguely interesting.

– Scribbles: Creative writing urges will wind up here. Mainly short stories and theatre sketches.

– Theatre: My lifeblood. Plus a dollop of comedy.

– Travel: A travel junkie’s journal. I HEART the world.


In a nutshell; culture in all its glory.


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